We increase the lifespan of the license

Since now the license have a lifespan of 4 months. It's still free and renewable! That's a very good news, isn't it!

A new release candidate for Project Management Studio!


Today we publish the new release candidate (RC2) of project management studio. On this release there is a new feature, the Burndown Chart generator. It's very usefull for all project manager using Agile or Scrum methodology. A lot of minor bugs have been corrected too. Get it from our download page.

Coming Soon: Burndown chart

Project Management Studio, in its next release, will support Burndown Chart. For project manager using Agile / Scrum methodology, the Burndown Chart is a great tools showing to the team the remaining effort during the sprint.

More information about Agile : http://agilealliance.org or http://agilemanifesto.org

Burndown chart generator directly in the project management software

Project Management Studio Video

In order to be better known, we published a presentation video on youtube. Do not hesitate to share it. It is our pleasure to distribute this free project management software. We hope it will be use by a lot.

2019 - Project Management Studio, PMS is a free project management software allowing use of Agile, Scrum, PMI methodologies.

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