What is Project Management Studio?

Project Management Studio is a  free groundbreaking project management software especially designed to simplify the creation, the follow, and the consolidation of projects.

Who is Project Management Studio?

PMS is suitable for project managers who :

  • Want to keep their project up to date easily
  • Want to keep all informations about their project at a click away
  • Want to win a lot of time in preparation of meetings
  • Want to never forgot any things, no matter how small

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What are the features?

With Project Management Studio, the project manager can easily:

  • Create the WBS of the project
  • Edit tasks
  • Describe tasks
  • Plan tasks
  • Edit dependencies between tasks
  • Edit and manage people who works on the project
  • Create and consolidate sheets with all informations needed
  • Print task board (Kanban Board, Agile)

For each tasks, the project manager can add:

  • Decisions 
  • Risks
  • Quality tests
  • To-Do lists
  • Costs

In order to plan correctly the project, the project manager can use:

  • Iterations | Sprint | Time boxes
  • The monitor which alerts the project manager if the planning is inconsistent
  • A report of human activity in order to have a quick view of available time of each person
  • Gantt Diagram

Finally, to give quick responses about usual questions of client, big boss or sponsors, the project manager have:

  • a dashboard about the current situation of the project
  • a baselines sheet which resumes all cost

2019 - Project Management Studio, PMS is a free project management software allowing use of Agile, Scrum, PMI methodologies.

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