Project Management Studio proposes you a DashBoard for your project. This report have the following KPIs:

  • Tasks done VS Total Project Tasks: Shows you the number of task done compared to the total number of tasks of your project.
  • % of Running Tasks VS Plan: Shows you, at the present moment, if there are more or less running tasks than the plan provides.
  • Tasks Planned to Run VS Total Running: Shows you if the running tasks are planned to run at the present moment.
  • ManDay done VS Total Project Manday: Shows you the number of manday spent on the project.
  • Risk Pie Chart: Shows you the number of "Risk closed", "Risk Occurred" and "Risk Remaining".
  • Decision Pie Chart: Shows you the number of decisions "Taken" compared to "not Taken"
  • ToDo List Pie Chart: Shows you the number job done and the number of remaining job.
  • Tests made, passed and failed: Shows you the number of "tests made" compared to the total, number of "tests passed" and "failed" compared to the total "tests made".

Project DashBoard

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