Project Management Studio have a clear and simple interface.

  • On top: Menus.
  • On Left: File Tree of your project.
  • On right: The current document.


Interface of Project Management Studio Software

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  • Project
    1. New Project : Create a project
    2. Open Project : Load an existing project (.mms files)
    3. Save Project : Save state of your project
    4. Close Project : Close the current project
  • My Documents
    1. New Document : Add a document to your project (Gantt Diagram, Sheet, External Files)
    2. Human Ressources : Register of person working on the project
    3. Ressource View : Tool allowing the view of occupation time of each person during the project
    4. Project Reporting : Report Sheet of the current project
    5. Cost reporting : Report Sheet of cost during the project
    6. Iterations : Register of iterations / timeboxes
    7. Task Grid : View of all tasks on a grid
  • About
    1. About : What's this software?
    2. Help : This website      


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2019 - Project Management Studio, PMS is a free project management software allowing use of Agile, Scrum, PMI methodologies.

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