By double clicking on an element of your WBS a pop-up window will open and allow you to edit all informations.

The present pop-up has nine tabs:

Edit tasks of your WBS

(% script:simplebar %)

  1. Task:  allows you to set the name, monitor the task, set planned and real date of execution (only on a task).
  2. Dependency: allows you to set dependencies existing between tasks (Finish-to-start; Start-to-Finish; Finish-to-Finish; Start-to-Start)
  3. Description: Gives description of summary and "done state" and allows to link files
  4. Quality: Grid with all Quality Tests associated to the task
  5. Risk: Grid with all Risks associated to the task
  6. Decisions: Grid with all Decisions associated to the task
  7. ToDo List: "ToDo list" with all works associated to the task
  8. Ressources: List with all persons working on the task
  9. Cost: Grid with all cost associated to the task

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