Project Management Studio is the ultimate free of charge software to create, follow and consolidate all your project. With this software you can start your project, make his WBS (work breakdown structure), schedule all tasks, review all decisions, risks, works, costs, follow quality tests and manage your ressources.

As project manager, you know, a software, as good as it is, will never take a decision for you. Project Management Studio is a such software. A good analogy is a photographer. The man who takes the photo (the photographer) is you, the camera which inform you about all parameters of the photo and which make the work is your team. Project Management Studio is the memory card of the camera. PMS will record every informations of your project and allows you to review it.

To work with this project management software, we recommend you to read all these chapters.



2019 - Project Management Studio, PMS is a free project management software allowing use of Agile, Scrum, PMI methodologies.

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